You aren’t failing, you’re living

Taking care of our mental health is something we’ll be doing for our entire life and not something that can be hacked.

Remembering that there is nothing we can do that’ll mean that we will never feel sad, anxious, angry or [insert any and all unpleasant feelings here] again might leave you feeling hopeless but I would argue that it’s a relief. We aren’t robots living pre-determined lives. Life is strange, difficult, painful. And wonderful. The twists and turns and upside downs that create all these unpleasant and heavy feelings are terrifying, but they’re also an inherent part of living.

If you scroll through mental health posts on Instagram you may get the idea that you can hack your way to sunshine and feeling better but I believe that these posts also create a dangerous illusion. Acknowledging that dealing with our mental health is something that we’re going to have to do our entire life, and not something that a 10-part morning routine can hold off, is necessary. It means that we won’t be surprised the next time anxiety comes knocking and that we won’t ditch the entire routine out just because it failed us once.  Being too strict with our routine may also mean that we miss those early warning signs that something is off. Instead of blowing out the fire early, we extend our gym session by another 10 minutes.

Yes, do them. Meditate or journal, go to the gym or forest bathe. Do it all if you want. Just remember that when you feel sad again it is not because you aren’t trying hard enough to take care of your mental health. It simply means that you are living.

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