List of feeling words

Calm, Happy

Enchanted, Beautiful, Warm, Joy, Glad, At peace, Cool, Cheerful, Thrilled, Touched, Playful, Overjoyed, Proud, Relaxed, Satisfied, Ecstatic, Happy, Bliss, Fulfilled, Genuine, Whole, Buoyant, Airy, Healthy, Honored, Courageous, Pleased, Helpful, Calm, Accessible, Comfortable, Delighted, Fortunate, Grateful, Present, Fabulous, Amused, Merry, Encouraged, Established, Fantastic, Positive, Content, Mindful, Harmonious, Nice, Amazing, Elated, Exuberant, Upbeat, Balanced, Vibrant

Frustrated, Angry

Angry, Conned, Raving, Enraged, Desperate, Incensed, Trespassed, Appalled, Insulted, Disgusted, Sullen, Betrayed, Tricked, Fuming, Wrathful, Infuriated, Envy, Questioned, Furious, Stifled, Offended, Aggresive, Seething, Provoked, Frustrated, Livid, Cornered, Bitter, Accused, Cheated, Upset, Outraged, Cranky, Irritated, Resentful, Riled up, Astonished, Boiling, Dissatisfied, Peeved, Rageful, Crabby, Impatient, Vicious, Indignant, Bothered, Hate, Belittled, Ambushed, Annoyed, Exasperated, Violent

Hopeful, Excited

Developing, Daring, Audacious, Animated, In process, Ambitious, Active, Engaged, Brave, Certainty, Free, Confident, Enthusiastic, Intrigued, Alert, Curious, Accomplishment, Unconstrained, Hopeful, Focused, Effective, Aligned, Capable, Purpose, Open, Wonder, Growth, Adventurous, Optimistic, Anticipation, Bold, Creative, Imaginative, Motivated, Inspired, Resilient, Invincible, Eager, Clarity, Pumped, Empowered, Alive, Productive, Excited, Stimulated, Energized, Powerful, Liberated, Fascinated, Amazed, Momentum, Released

Insecure, Anxious

Ambiguous, Horrendous, Anxious, Alien, Trapped, Threatened, Directionless, Flustered, Suspicious, Terrified, Uncertain, Shocked, Troubled, Hopeless, Concerned, Aimless, Hesitation, Disoriented, Nervous, Angsty, Unsafe, Numbed, Oppressed, Lost, Doubt, Insecure, Frightened, Distressed, Scared, Panicked, Alarmed, Surprised, Confused, Unsettled, Disbelief, Dread, Perplexed, Baffled, Mortified, Panic, Passive, Afraid, Ambivalent, Fear, Dispensable, Cautious, Unbearable, Shaky, Struggling, Uneasy, Dysfunctional, Repulsed

Connection, Love

Attachment, Reunited, Connection, Passionate, Solidarity, Love, Affirmed, Tenderness, Enamored, Liked, Tender, Included, Community, Desired, Relief, Settled, Spiritual, Special, Passion, Kindness, Warmed, Privileged, Kinship, Anchored, Affection, Desirable, Attraction, Closeness, Safe, Devotion, Loved, Attractive, Romantic, Intimacy, Friendship, Bursting, Empathetic, Worshiped, Frisky, Sexy, Comforted, Treasured, Fondness, Wild, Aroused, Affectionate, Consoled, Lustful, Compassion, Worthy, Kinky, Caring

Down, Sad

Depressed, Crushed, Burdened, Ineffective, Abandoned, Grieving, Broken, Indifferent, Homesick, Overworked, Discouraged, Awful, Disillusioned, Shattered, Existential angst, Gloomy, Weary, Regretful, Unappreciated, Despair, Burned out, Depleted, Lonely, Sad, Unheard, Let down, Futile, Heartbroken, Disappointed, Sorrowful, Remorse, Down, Defeated, Misunderstood, Alone, Miserable, Weepy, Inconsolable, Forgotten, Worn, Insignificant, Estranged, Underestimated, Undervalued, In pain, Dull, Melancholic, Silenced, Unconfident, Wounded, Hopelessness, Heartsick

Supported, Valued

Uplifted, Valued, Grown Up, Vital, Saved, Trusted, Authentic, Celebrated, In control, Certain, Praised, Unshackled, Recognized, Smart, Esteemed, Secure, Respected, Understood, Approved, Cherished, Considerate, Revered, Attached, Acknowledged, Validated, Wanted, Significant, Seen, Competent, Listened to, Leaned on, Important, Supported, Admired, Social, Independent, Pride, Invaluable, Belonging, Appreciated, Believed in, Dignified, Rooted, Relevant, Intelligent, Befriended, Accepted, Adored, Blessed, Strong, Commended, Reassured

Lazy, Inadequate

Disconnected, Mediocre, Meek, Detached, Abnormal, Ashamed, Vulnerable, Gullible, Guilty, Worthless, Shame, Unworthy, Separate, Undesired, Apathetic, Alienated, Unseen, Useless, Shy, Weird, Incompetent, Powerless, Asocial, Undeserving, Ignored, Excluded, Irrelevant, Not good enough, Blah, Destroyed, Inadequate, Foolish, Lazy, Pathetic, Average, Weak, Stranded, Unfit, Embarrassed, Stigmatized, Incompatible, Disgraced, Invisible, Humiliated, Overlooked, Discredited, Exposed, Despised, Awkward, Degraded, Blamed, Tainted

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