Anger, for me

Anger is a special kind of emotion. As irritation grows and turns into anger and maybe even to rage, every bit of my body becomes heavy and tense. Not like I'm about to fight, flee or freeze but like the tension built up when two characters from a Starwars movie fight with lightsabers and one tries overpowering the other. For me, I believe, this tension is the result of a conflict going on within me between a part of me wanting to express the anger and another part trying to contain it. Instead of giving in, afraid of what that means, I attempt to contain it by minimizing it - it's not so bad, - rejecting it - I have no right to be angry about this, - or denying it - I want to be okay with this.

I don't know what a good expression of anger looks like. Society seems to frown on the expression of any feeling but this expectation is not only unrealistic but also dangerous. Anger, just like joy and fear and sadness and all other feelings, are a normal and expected part of life. Bound to happen to all of us countless of times. Normalizing feelings will lead to more of us knowing how to express, in a healthy way, each and every feeling.

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