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About me

After burning out and experiencing first hand the effects of poor mental health awareness and the difficulties of getting adequate support, Markus founded the mental health tech startup Feelmo. Feelmo aims to help university students better understand and manage their mental health by teaching emotional awareness and regulation skills.

Before founding Feelmo, Markus worked for the Nordic investment bank Carnegie Investment Bank for several years and before that at Google. He completed his Masters at LSE in Management and Strategy in 2013.

Markus currently lives in London with his wife and two American cocker spaniels (Lucy-bell and Lexi-ruth). He's a hobby baker, home brewer and reader. He's currently training to become a psychotherapist and supporting founders of early-stage impact and digital health startups achieve great things. Read more about his consulting work on

You can read about me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter. You can also more about what I intend to write about here.

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